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Alpha Psychological Services started thirty years ago with the hope that when people come to Alpha P.S. they will create new beginnings for their lives that will be stronger, happier and healthier.

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These guidelines are designed for in-person psychology services. If there is a resurgence of COVID 19 or other health concerns, it may require revisiting telehealth meetings. For now, it is important to understand that by coming to the office, there is risk of exposure.

To minimize exposure:
These precautions are designed to help keep everyone safe—patients, staff, psychologists as well as all our families. If it is not possible to keep these safeguards, telehealth arrangements may be considered.

  • Keep in-person appointments only when symptom free.
  • Please check your temperature before coming to each appointment; if it is elevated (100 or more), or other symptoms of the virus, you may cancel the appointment or proceed to telehealth. If you cancel your appointment for this reason, you will not be charged.
  • Please wait in your car or outside until the office manager calls/texts to tell you that your doctor is free to see you.
  • The waiting room is set up for safe distancing–please do not move the chairs.
  • When you come into the office, you will be asked to wash your hands or use a hand-sanitizer before entering the therapy room.
  • Masks are required at all times.
  • Keeping a safe distance of 6 feet will be required at all times.
  • Please try not to touch your face at any time.
  • If you are bringing a child, make sure that the child follows all of these sanitation and distancing protocols.
  • Entry to the therapy room will be from the waiting area. Exit after your session will be through the kitchen.
  • If you have had any exposure to anyone with infected people, please do not schedule an in-person meeting.

Thank you. These guidelines follow the State of Michigan precautions.

If you have tested positive for the coronavirus, APS may be required to notify local health authorities who may have “traced” you to this clinic. They will only be provided with dates and times of your physical presence in this office.