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Alpha Psychological Services


Outpatient Services

-Diagnostic assessments and evaluations for all ages

-Marital Therapy

-Individual Therapy

 -Child and Family Therapy


Special programs for:

    -Eating Disorders

    -Intensive outpatient alcohol and chemical dependence treatment

    -Sexual abuse survivors

    -Compulsive gambling and other addictions (sex, spending, drugs, alcohol, etc.)

    -Stress management

    -Anger management

    -Assertion Training Groups

    -Grief issues

    -Child and adult attention deficit evaluation and treatment

    -Neuropsychology (for children & adults) with known or suspected brain insult

   such as traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain tumor, closed head injury, etc.

     -Aspergers Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders



Types of problems addressed include, but are not limited to

- Depression

- Anxiety disorders

- Problems of adolescence and childhood

        - Child and adolescent behavior problems

        - Assessments and evaluations

        - Individual, family and group treatment

        - ADD, ADHD

- Marital problems and family conflicts

        - Single parent adjustment

        - Blended family adjustment

        - Co-dependency issues

        - Anger and abuse issues

- Divorce

- Trauma survivors

- Self-esteem problems

- Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (including post-shooting trauma)

- Domestic violence

- Conflict management and resolution

- Problems in the workplace

- Sexual assault


Service features

24-hour access for emergencies

Rapid access for non-emergency assessments

Direct rapid referral for medical/psychiatric inpatient cases



 Staffing Resources


7 Licensed doctoral psychologists

2 Police, forensic psychologists

1 Neuropsychologist

4 Child, adolescent & family psychologists

1 Pastoral counseling specialist

1 Eating Disorder specialist

4 Marital therapists


4 Consulting psychiatrists

3 consulting physicians

1 consulting dietician





- Referral available for inpatient services

- Referral for adult psychiatric inpatient care

- Referral for child and adolescent inpatient care

- Referral for adult and adolescent inpatient chemical dependency care

- Referral for eating disorder residential treatment

- Referral for alcohol and substance abuse residential treatment and intensive outpatient programs


Specialized services


- Outpatient alcohol and drug aftercare treatment services



        - Workplace violence prevention

        - Stress management

        - Parenting education

        - Cultural diversity

        - Anger management

        - Substance abuse interventions

        - Crisis interventions

        - Critical incident debriefing

        - Conflict management

        - Eating disorder workshops

        - and more...



Psychological Evaluations

Psychological evaluations are available; psychological evaluations shall be administered by (or supervised by) a licensed clinical psychologist.



Most insurances accepted


Email: alpha@ameritech.net

41820 Six Mile Road  Suite 104   Northville, MI  48168 

   Phone: (248) 349-3131  Fax: (248) 349-3232