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Dr. Mary Franzen Clark


Most relationships-friendships, couples, coworkers, family-start off caring, happy, safe, healthy.  But sometimes, for reasons known or unknown, one member of the relationship starts behaving in unsafe, threatening, abusive or controlling ways.  This creates a dilemma-you now care for and fear the same person.  What to do?


Together and Strong first looks at fear-what is is, when it is helpful and when it isn't, and how it can invade relationships.  Many people try to adapt to the co-existence of love and fear.  Can the relationship be made safe again?  Six types of adaptations are examined to see how or if they solve the problem with case examples to illustrate the various relationships.


The final section focuses on empowerment-the one alternative that can be address the love/fear dilemma and help people be Together and Strong.







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